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"Sugar & Spice" Nursery Mural by Michele Levani

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sky Murals- The Wow Factor

To make a huge impact in a room, look up! What better way to give a room an atmosphere of peace and tranquility than to paint THE "atmosphere"!
Remember laying in the grass outdoors as a child and searching for shapes in the clouds?

Think of the activities that relax you the most, like walking in the park or on the beach and enjoying a vast open sky.

Feel the breeze and hear the birds?

The sky is limitless. It's eternity that we can see.

When you look up, is this what you see?

As an artist and muralist, Sky Murals are my specialty. All of these photos of the skies that you just enjoyed are just samples of my actual artwork on the ceilings of residential or commercial rooms. Imagine your nursery, your bedroom  or your foyer transformed from boring popcorn or plain white to etherial wispy clouds. Wouldn't you enjoy eating in a restaurant under an open sky with no fear of the elements? Or how about the relaxation in a spa with a vast, airy sky above? I'd love to make it happen for you.
Contact me, Michele Levani, Charleston Muralist

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