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Back to Basics
"Sugar & Spice" Nursery Mural by Michele Levani

Friday, December 3, 2010

Please Support My Eating Habit!

It's complete! A bit more of a whimsical mural than my others. There's a bittersweet feeling that I experience when I finish my murals. I have a sense of satisfaction in that now others can see the creative vision that I had in my mind, but also a sadness that the creative process is over. At least this was a mural that I did for my own personal space, my art studio. What that means for me is that I can continue to enjoy my hardwork. When I paint for others, I have to say goodbye to my work and leave that part of myself behind. The draw back for painting for myself is that it never pays well monetarily. Thus, the starving artist. So the trick is to have that subtle balance between painting for my own enjoyment, but also painting for others so that I can eat! If you'd like to support my eating habit, please buy my art!
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